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Ultimate Web Solutions For Insurance Agents!

Website Builder Features

Website BuilderBy utilizing our online web site builder, your Agency will be able to build and update your web site with a friendly content management system, no special skills required. Your website will have a newsletter panel, insurance forms, quote forms, and many other useful utilities configurable through a specialized CMS.


General Features:

  • Home Page
  • Information Page (or Client, Company, Product or employee of the month)
  • Up to 48 separate products page (i.e. Auto Insurance Page)
  • Companies Page (you may list up to 24 companies as well as the Tele.# and Url)
  • Links Page - up to 12 links (use as exchange program perhaps with a realtor or auto dealer)
  • Claims Page (claims form and list of your companies and company claims telephone #)
  • Policy Changes (form allows customer to request policy changes - E & O proofed)
  • Certificates (form allows customer request COI or use service such as Vericert)
  • ID cards (allows customers to request an ID card)
  • Referrals (form used by your customers to email form to their friends)
  • Contact Us (Allows you to list up to 24 locations and up to 24 staff members at each location as well as their email address and phone ext., also posts office hours of each location)
  • Maps (provides MapQuest map directions to each location)

The Quotes Section Includes:

  • Automobile e-Mail Quote Form
  • Homeowner e-Mail Quote Form
  • Boat e-Mail Quote Form
  • Commercial e-Mail Quote Form
  • Life/Health e-Mail Quote Form
  • Motorcycle e-Mail Quote Form
  • Jetski e-Mail Quote Form
  • Renters e-Mail Quote Form
  • URL form so that you may direct customers to an instant online quote system of your choice.
  • You may direct different quotes to different email addresses or you may direct them to a different location.

Overall We Provide:

  • Over 150 pages for your use.
  • At least 8 customizable insurance forms.
  • Over 100 pages allow you to upload gif or jpg images.
  • Over 200 control bars.
  • Over 200 header bars.
  • Over 200 pre-designed web-site templates.
  • Over thousand clip art images in the graphics library.
  • Over 4000 color options.
  • 20 Background Images.
  • Unlimited customizable email accounts (you can add your own with our custom program)
  • Your own domain name (we will purchase one for you or convert your existing one)
  • Our website builder allows you to initialize your site as well as change as much as you like - at no additional charge.
  • Defaulted Information so that you may use much of our pre-designed information for your site.
  • Free Support.


  • Product Of The Month
  • Employee Of The Month
  • Client Of The Month
  • Company Of The Month
  • Tip Of The Month
  • Virtually Thousands Of Applications

Not only will you be able to customize your content, but the appearance of your site as well. With a multitude of options, your site will be unique to each visitor. Our graphics system allows you to choose the borders, logo bars, backgrounds, and text in over 4000 colors. This allows you to slightly change the presentation of your site monthly, or as often as you like, to keep a fresh appeal.

Many people charge $75.00 or more per page to construct a site. We have dedicated ourselves to provide a package any Agency could afford. Our entire package is available for a one time setup fee of $399.95 plus a monthly maintenance and hosting fee of $29.95 per month. You can save 2 months by paying annually.