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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the advantages of using the A Local Agent web site builder versus creating a site on my own?

Answer: When you needed an agency management system did you hire a programmer to create one for you or did you utilize the services of a company that has already created programs specific for insurance agencies? Would you create your own comparative rater? Likewise, why not take advantage of a web solution that was created for insurance agencies by insurance professionals. It would cost $3000 or more to create a website that was loaded with our features and forms and had a specialized content management system.

Question: What is the difference between the A Local Agent website program and most other web sites for insurance agents?

Answer: Most agent websites are simply brochure sites. These sites simply provide information about your agency and offer very little interaction between the client and the agency. Our sites are built to service your clients, not just promote your agency. Once your customers become accustomed to using these valuable features and forms, they will never switch to another agency that doesn't provide similar tools.

Question: How many clients can I expect to utilize my site?

Answer: We can assist you in ways to promote your site because we ARE the EXPERTS in that area. The brutal truth is that your success with this site (or any site) will depend largely upon the efforts you make and the utilization of the search engine submission and optimization tools WE provide you. Any web developer that tells you anything different or promises you anything else is strictly after your money.

Question: Will you help me with domain name registration?

Answer: Yes, it is included in our packages.

Question: I already have a domain name, can I keep it?

Answer: Yes, you can keep your domain name.

Question: What about my email?

Answer: Full mail services are included for no additional fee with your account (unlimited email accounts). However, you may keep your system in house we have additional options available.

Question: Why does it cost $29.95 per month to host the site?

Answer: We provide continued phone support and personalized assistance with each of our accounts. While many developers charge $50 to $100 per hour to change your site, this process is eliminated with our content management system and continued addition of new features and graphic options.

Question: Will my site look like the other agency sites you host?

Answer: We have over 100 different pre-designed templates for you to choose from. More importantly, our exclusive system allows literally thousands of variations. We even offer seasonal designs which allow you to utilize a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter theme.

Question:What is your link to HawkSoft?

Answer: We are the only company that provides a direct link from the forms on your web site to the HawkSoft agency mangement system.

Question: What do you offer to Life And Health agents?

Answer: They get generic pages like About Us, Hot Deals, News, and Frequently Asked Questions.