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About Us

Affordable Web Pages Inc. was founded 04/1998, when I searched for an alternative to the expensive costs of building a very functional, customized web site for my insurance agency. Faced with estimates of over $3,000.00 or more I assembled a web development team to produce a web site builder that would create what most agents were looking for at a cost that any agent could afford.

A Local Agent insurance web site creation system began with 26 pages available in 4 colors. My promise to agents was that we would stay in step with technology and provide updates at no extra cost. Our newest version offers agents over 150 pages in over 4000 colors with a wide variety of control bars and headers with 100's of uploadable images. The overwhelming renewal rate we have enjoyed is testimony to the fact that we keep our promises.

Hundreds of hours of research combined with over 20 years experience as an insurance agency owner has given me the insight to provide you a web site your agency can be proud of. I feel our approach has offered you an opportunity to purchase a complete web solution for your agency at a cost that will pay for itself many times in the first year alone. After all, when your agency needs software, do you hire a software development company or do you purchase software from a company that specializes in that area?

We at AWP, Inc. understand that you are insurance agents and in most cases you know that you need a web site but are unsure what features could best be utilized for your new sites. Most web designers are good designers but have no knowledge as to what unique problems agents have and the features they need to make their insurance web site successful.

Join us in your efforts to bring your Insurance Agency into the 21st Century.

Steve Garner, President
Affordable Web Pages Inc.